Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments with the ProAdjusterSP

by | Apr 8, 2022

Over the course of my many years in practice as a Chiropractor, I have met quite a few people who are interested in the benefits of chiropractic care but are afraid or nervous that the adjustments will be painful or too forceful. There are gentle and effective chiropractic options and techniques for those with conditions that are sensitive to the twisting motions of manual adjustments. One of those options is the ProAdjusterSP system which provides a gentle and safe adjustment without any “popping” or twisting.

The ProAdjusterSP system leverages technology as a complement to chiropractic skill and knowledge. This technology allows for precise analysis of the spine and joints on-screen during your visit.


What to expect during a ProAdjusterSP session.


During a typical visit, my patients are seated in a comfortable, upright position and the ProAdjusterSP device is passed gently over the spine and joints. The device analyzes the condition, motion, and positioning of the spine and joints to identify any misalignments or abnormalities. The results are displayed on screen right there in front of you.

The device is then used to apply a gentle oscillating force only to the specific vertebrae or joint area identified in the analysis. The patient will feel a moderate, tapping motion without any twisting, turning or manual force. The ProAdjusterSp device automatically shuts off the moment the misalignment is identified as corrected.

A second scan analysis is then performed to confirm the adjustment has been made, the misalignment corrected, pain relieved and mobility restored.

Nothing “scary” is happening.

proadjustorsp gentle chiropractic adjustments

Who is the ProAdjusterSP for?

The ProAdjusterSP system is a comfortable, safe and effective option for everyone. From newborns to adults. It provides all the benefits of chiropractic care such as peak nervous system performance, boosted immune system and enhanced mobility and flexibility for better over all health. The system is gentle enough for those with chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The optimal health of our spine and nervous system affects the whole body, proper care improves our overall health.

If you’ve wanted to visit a chiropractor but have been nervous about manual adjustments, the ProAdjusterSP system is a complete game-changer. Now you can confidently receive the natural health benefits of chiropractic to live a more energized and pain-free life without the fear of manual adjustments.



Dr. William McKenna

Dr. William McKenna


Dr.William McKenna has been a Chiropractor for over 20 years in Westchester and Dutchess County, helping his patients to achieve greater health and live more active lifestyles. He is the founder of McKenna Family Chiropractic located in Pelham, NY, and Dutchess Braincore Therapy and Wellness Center located in Hopewell Junction, NY. He graduated from Life University in 1999 and has been advocating for better health, naturally, since. Dr. Will believes a smile is the first step in healing and building valued relationships with his patients. Book Appointment

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