Chronic Pain: How Chiropractic Therapy Can Help

by | May 23, 2022

 We’ve all experienced physical pain in our lives, from the fleeting pain of sprains and strains to longer-lasting injuries or post-surgery recovery. Pain of this type is of course unpleasant and is almost certainly inconvenient, but it only lasts for a week or two and we can get back to our daily routines without any lasting effects. Chronic pain is different because it lasts much longer, can occur without injury, or persist long after an injury has healed. The effects of chronic pain on patients are wide-ranging and often debilitating.

Living with chronic pain can be a difficult thing to talk about for many people because of the stigma against those who suffer from it. Chronic pain is often not visible to others so not only do sufferers live with a painful condition, but they may also lack the support of those around them. It is vital for those who experience chronic pain to know that it can be managed so that they can live their life without feeling constant pain, stress, and discomfort.

What is Chronic Pain?


Chronic pain is a type of pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks. It can be caused by an injury, illness, or disease. The pain can be constant, or it can come and go. It may also change in intensity over time.

Chronic pain can have a significant impact on the patient’s life. It can affect their mood and ability to function in daily activities and may lead to depression and anxiety. Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons for missed workdays and disability claims in the United States.

The most common chronic pain symptoms are:

• Headaches
• Joint Pain
• Muscle Pain
• Nerve Pain
• Back Pain

The causes of chronic pain are not always clear. Some people may have an underlying medical condition that causes their chronic pain such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. Others may have a problem with the way their brain processes pain signals from the body.


Symptoms of Chronic Pain


The most common symptom reported by sufferers of chronic pain is a constant feeling of discomfort or soreness in the affected area.

The symptoms of chronic pain vary from person to person and can include:

• Numbness or tingling sensations
• Aches and pains
• Muscle spasms
• Difficulty sleeping due to pain
• Fatigue and weakness
• Loss of appetite
• Depression


How Chiropractic Therapy Relieves Chronic Pain


Chiropractic therapy is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. In chiropractic therapy, spinal adjustments are used to treat many different ailments. This includes pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and stiffness.

As the spinal column and nerves are the main focus of chiropractic treatment, chiropractors use spinal adjustments to alleviate pain in the back, neck and joints. It is also used to relieve headaches and migraines as well as reduce stress on the spine. A chiropractor’s goal is always to reduce pain, increase mobility, improve blood flow, and improve our patient’s health by bolstering the body’s natural healing abilities.


The benefits of chiropractic therapy for chronic pain are:


• Relief from joint pain, back pain, neck pain, and headaches
• Improved flexibility
• Increased range of motion
• Relief of muscle tension
• Enhanced joint mobility
• Improved sleep
• Increased energy levels


Chiropractic therapy is a safe, effective, and drug-free method of treating chronic pain. In addition to chiropractic therapy, a chiropractor also takes into consideration a patient’s diet, exercise, and lifestyle to create a comprehensive treatment plan to help them manage and heal from chronic pain conditions. The greater our overall health, the better we respond to treatment. It’s like the old saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”.

Having been a chiropractor for over twenty years I’ve learned a thing or two. When treating patients for chronic pain conditions, in addition to chiropractic therapy, I also usually recommend dietary changes to reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy weight as well as exercise therapy to help strengthen complementary muscle groups and reduce the stress on areas affected by chronic pain.

When I opened my second office in Hopewell Junction, NY, Dutchess Braincore and Wellness Center, I was able to build my dream practice to offer my patients more complete health and wellness resources under one roof.

I am now able to offer my chronic pain patients in-house services such as Nutritional Therapy with a licensed Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a private session studio for Corrective Exercise training with professionally certified trainers, and the latest technological advancement in chiropractic care, the ProAdjustorSP system which helps me provide gentler adjustments for those with chronic pain conditions.


Chiropractors help people with chronic pain.
We are trained to help patients get relief from the pain and get back to living. If you suffer from chronic pain schedule an appointment at our Dutchess County office and find out how good we are at helping you feel great.




Dr. William McKenna

Dr. William McKenna


Dr.William McKenna has been a Chiropractor for over 20 years in Westchester and Dutchess County, helping his patients to achieve greater health and live more active lifestyles. He is the founder of McKenna Family Chiropractic located in Pelham, NY, and Dutchess Braincore Therapy and Wellness Center located in Hopewell Junction, NY. He graduated from Life University in 1999 and has been advocating for better health, naturally, since. Dr. Will believes a smile is the first step in healing and building valued relationships with his patients. Book Appointment

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