Chiropractic Care is an Effective Treatment Option to Eliminate Nerve Pain

by | Oct 3, 2021

Nerve Pain is a very common form of chronic pain, affecting around two-thirds of adults at some point in their lives. It is often caused by disease, injury, or a compressed or strained nerve in the neck, upper back, or lower back. Chiropractic care is an excellent treatment option for nerve pain.

Nerve pain can affect your whole body. It does not just affect the area where the nerve is located but also causes inflammation of the surrounding tissues in your body. Patients often experience not just pain but numbness, burning, and a tingling sensation that can be really frustrating. Everyday tasks become difficult and even your sleep is affected.

Those who are overweight and those who perform work and play activities that involve repetitive motions are more prone to developing nerve pain due to repeated pressure on the same areas of their body.

Common Types of Nerve Pain

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Herniated Discs

How Can Chiropractic Care Help with Nerve Pain


Nerve pain can be treated with a variety of chiropractic techniques, including spinal manipulation and traction. In addition, muscle therapy and manual joint mobilization help relieve the pain and restore normal function.

A chiropractor will first perform a complete physical examination, request your complete health history, and learn about your individual lifestyle to determine the source of your nerve pain and the best course of treatment.

The goal of chiropractic treatment for nerve pain is to release pressure on a nerve that has been pinched. Chiropractors will use their hands and arms to apply pressure and manipulate the spine, joints, and muscles in order to restore mobility and function.

Chiropractic care also helps with the body’s response to nerve pain by reducing inflammation and help eliminate the muscle spasms which are often a symptom of nerve pain. As an added benefit chiropractic care naturally reduces stress levels, decreasing the amount of muscle tension that is a great contributor to nerve pain.

The longer nerve pain goes untreated the worse that pain can get. The numbness and tingling can be quite scary for some when they are unsure of the cause and haven’t suffered a memorable injury. The good news is chiropractic treatment is quite successful at correcting the conditions that cause nerve pain instead of masking the symptoms with pharmaceuticals.


Cold Laser Therapy Relieves Nerve Pain


Another tool for the treatment of nerve pain is cold laser therapy.

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment. During this procedure, different wavelengths and outputs of low-level light are applied directly to a targeted area. The body tissue absorbs the light, the red and near-infrared light causes a reaction, and the damaged cells respond with a physiological reaction that promotes regeneration. Dr. Will has used this therapy for over 15 years and has seen fantastic results.

If you are living with nerve pain you don’t have to keep suffering. At Dutchess Braincore and Wellness Center we’ll put together a comprehensive chiropractic treatment and lifestyle plan to get you back to pain-free living as quickly as possible. Give us a call, we can help.

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Dr. William McKenna

Dr. William McKenna


Dr.William McKenna has been a Chiropractor for over 20 years in Westchester and Dutchess County, helping his patients to achieve greater health and live more active lifestyles. He is the founder of McKenna Family Chiropractic located in Pelham, NY, and Dutchess Braincore Therapy and Wellness Center located in Hopewell Junction, NY. He graduated from Life University in 1999 and has been advocating for better health, naturally, since. Dr. Will believes a smile is the first step in healing and building valued relationships with his patients. Book Appointment

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